Hip Hop Bootcamp

Hip Hop Bootcamp

Welcome to Hip Hop Bootcamp, the electrifying workout program that seamlessly blends the energy of hip hop dance with heart-pumping plyometrics and full-body fitness routines. Led by Jenny, experience the sheer joy of dance while turning up the intensity with high-octane cardio sessions that not only burn calories and build strength but also enhance rhythm and self-expression. Light up your core with dynamic moves set to infectious Hip Hop beats and discover your unique style as you release stress, boost confidence, and break a sweat. Get ready to unleash your inner dancer and sculpt your body with this exhilarating fusion of fitness and hip hop dance in Hip Hop Bootcamp!

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Hip Hop Bootcamp
  • Rhythm & Move

    Discover the power of hip hop dance as you unlock your potential, express your creativity, and experience the joy of dancing to the rhythms that move your soul. Dance fitness is one of the best ways to get healthy and fit while also developing coordination and building confidence through engaging...

  • Hip Hop Street

    Get ready to break a sweat, boost your confidence, and have a blast while expressing your own unique style and personality. This fusion of fitness and Hip Hop Dance encourages you to connect with the music and release stress for a super fun cardio workout.

    Intensity: 4/5
    No Equipment Needed

  • High Voltage

    Turn up the intensity with High Voltage! This high cardio workout is guaranteed to make you sweat by combining hip hop dance and plyometrics. Not only will you burn calories and build strength, but you will also develop a strong sense of rhythm, musicality, and self-expression in your movement.