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  • Rhythm Fit
    11 videos  |   Buy $47

    Rhythm Fit

    11 videos  |   Buy $47

    Rhythm Fit is a perfect mix of cardio and muscle-conditioning, all perfectly synced to the beat of high-energy music. Follow Lloyd and he will push you past your limits to tone, torch, and strengthen your entire body.

  • Figure 8 Basic

    23 videos  |   Buy $47

    Figure 8 is a Latin dance-based exercise program that combines simple steps with effective core-conditioning movements to help with weight loss, increased flexibility, and building core strength. In one session, participants tone their abs by performing hundreds of standing CORE crunches to a var...

  • Figure 8 Express

    80 videos  |   Buy $27

    The Figure 8 Express workout plan is for people who have been sedentary for quite some time and/or have extremely busy lifestyles. This plan is the best workout to get you moving immediately. What you’ll love about the Figure 8 exercise moves is that they are very gentle on your joints and are ex...

  • Figure 8 Ultimate

    7 videos  |   Buy $27

    The Figure 8 Ultimate Results Collection is meant for those that have already been using Figure 8 Basic and is the FINAL PHASE designed to bring you maximum results! It is the same training that Jaana herself uses to keep her abs, arms, legs and butt in amazing shape.

    Complete your quest for a ...

  • Figure 8 PRO
    10 videos  |   Buy $47

    Figure 8 PRO

    10 videos  |   Buy $47

    Workout like a Pro with Figure 8 Pro workout videos. Figure 8 Pro is suitable for everyone from beginners to established fitness professionals.

    Includes 10 Digital Videos!

  • Jaana Rhythms
    15 videos  |   Buy $47

    Jaana Rhythms

    15 videos  |   Buy $47

    Jaana Rhythms is an effective cardio and muscle-toning workout without the use of any equipment! You will sculpt your arms, bubble out your booty, and fire up your leg muscles with super fun Disco, Latin, Hip Hop, Belly Dance and Dance Sculpt routines.

    This program is for a person who loves to d...

  • JNL Fusion Basic

    12 videos  |   Buy $47

    JNL Fusion is an extreme at-home fitness series designed to help you blast fat, build muscle, and sculpt your abs fast! JNL Fusion is based on the Super-Spiking method. Super Spiking alternates 30 seconds of strength training with 30 seconds of cardio to give you a slim, fit, Fusion body! Push yo...

  • JNL Fusion Advanced

    5 videos  |   Buy $27

    Most of our customers are looking for maximum results in a minimal amount of time. To help them achieve their goals as quickly as possible, we've developed the JNL Fusion Advanced Package. JNL Fusion Advanced includes 5 intense workouts that will push both cardio and power systems to the limit an...

  • 6 Minute Body
    30 videos  |   Buy $47

    6 Minute Body

    30 videos  |   Buy $47

    Instead of training for hours, start exercising in short spurts throughout the day. Morning, afternoon, evening, like eating small meals thought your day. Watch your weight drop and see visible results.

    '6 Minute Body’ taps into the six golden minutes needed to experience radical transformation....

  • Clean Cuisine eBook

    12 videos  |   Buy $37

    8 weeks of hand-picked, healthy, fresh and family-friendly meals to get you lean and help you maintain your weight-loss. Eat clean without sacrificing taste!