Body FX Sliders is a true total body workout program, blending strength with cardio to improve your balance and stability. Using the Body FX sliders, you’ll strengthen and tone major muscle groups such as your arms, core, butt, and legs, while also working on those stabilizer muscles. Those small stabilizing muscles are the reason you’re able to squat, run, and exercise without stumbling over.

This program will help you get stronger as you tighten and tone your body through both bodyweight and resistance training exercises. It’s challenging, but it’s low impact, which means it’s safe for your joints.
An added bonus? You’ll also get an amazing core workout from this simply by using the sliders. This low-impact program will take you through all ranges of motion to deliver impressive results both functionally and aesthetically.

  • Sliders Lower Body

    You’ve done squats and lunges before, but never like this! Sliders Lower Body will strengthen and tone your legs AND glutes while working on the stabilizer muscles. This one is intense, but so rewarding because soon you’ll be able to squat, run, and exercise with greater balance and grace. If you...

  • Sliders Booty

    This workout uses Body FX sliders to specially target your glutes. With this challenging but fun workout, you’ll improve both the functionality and aesthetics of your glutes, target muscles you’ve missed and really become ‘booty’ aware. This workout is designed to improve coordination and activat...

  • Sliders Core

    Get ready to level up your core program with the addition of fun Body FX sliders. This workout will improve balance and stability while creating beautiful muscle definition in a workout that is low impact but delivers big results. Why we love Body FX sliders so much is that we get to build streng...

  • Sliders Full Body

    This program is the perfect blend of strength and cardio with the Body FX sliders for a full body burn. Get ready to tighten and tone your body through bodyweight and resistance training. We are so excited for you to see and feel the incredible results from this combination of strength and cardio...